Smart & wealthy but unfulfilled. The two words that described Mili, and the one word that made him quit. “Do what you’re passionate about and the money will ultimately follow”. Soon after Mili’s departure from his corporate job, he created Million Dollar Millionaire, a lifestyle clothing brand that aims to inspire a new generation to follow their dreams; as did he. As a hype-man and frequent high-street shopper, Mili was tired of seeing lackadaisical seasonal designs and sub-par executions as the norm within the mainstream fashion industry. As a result, Million Dollar Millionaire was created to provide hope to those who did not only seek thoughtfully-designed garments, but those who crave the most advanced and highest of quality fabrics and stitching. Please note that all our suppliers and manufacturers have been vetted based on their experience and sustainability. In addition, all of our fabrics have been thoughtfully hand-picked by Mili, who is an avid believer in quality and sustainability above all else.

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